Where to use ULV Fogger?

Our ULV Foggers are great for many applications but since the COVID outbreak we have had many customers using this in all types of applications such as churches, gyms, restaurants, warehouses, doctors offices, grocery stores and many more.


It is unknown what is going to happen in the restaurant industry in the coming 6-12 months, but one thing for sure is the only way people are going to feel safe dining is if they feel the environment they are eating in is clean.  Our machine can be used daily with only 15 mins extra at closing.


Gym's are the ultimate place to spread bacteria and viruses, and will be under scrutiny by both the customers and the government to make sure they are clean.  With our machine, cleaning can occur quickly and often ensuring the a safe place for people to workout.

Daycares and Schools

Children are known to be asymptomatic and carriers of COVID.  Keeping your daycare/school clean can help prevent the spread of the virus.

Medical Offices

More and more people have caught COVID from hospitals and medical offices.  It is important for patients and employees that the offices are disinfected.  Insurances are still not sure how to deal with this, but it could come to the point where mandatory cleaning is required.

This List Could Go On

There are a lot of applications for disinfecting your workspace, but having the tools you need to make sure it can be done effective and efficient is extremely important.