Approved Chemicals for Disinfecting

Forever Fog does not sell any chemicals nor do we have any affiliation with any of the companies listed below.  Any chemical that can be used with a ULV fogger (not a thermal fogger) can be used with our machines.  For the best list of chemicals, please check out the link the below with EPA suggested chemicals.

EPA List of Disinfectants

FLAMMABLE CHEMICALS SHOULD NOT BE USED!  Any product that is to be converted to a fog can also increase in toxicity and may damage surfaces. OSHA regulations and personal exposure must be kept in mind when applying fog products.

Hypochlorous Acid Pure & Clean's hypochlorous acid has a neutral pH, similar to the pH of intact skin and is one of the few HOCLs on the market with long shelf stability of 18 months. The 200ppm has been third party tested  to kill coronavirus.  This sanitizing Hypochlorous Acid solution is lethal to all known dangerous bacteria and viruses that threaten our health today. All natural and ready for immediate use.